Whole30 Week #2 Update: It’s not pretty

Tired. A little annoyed. Over it.

I’d say those three things most accurately described me last week/weekend. As I recapped week #1 in my last post, I thought for sure I’d be headed for a week of amazingness and health gloriousness. That ship sailed real fast.

At the risk of sounding entirely like a downer…ok never mind I’m probably going sound like a downer. (Which is so usually not my thing, but I can’t fake it.) I seriously felt like I was in a psychological slump all last week. It’s easy peasy when you’re at home or at work and have your meals all prepped and ready to go…the terrible part is when you’re suddenly faced with situations where you’re in a place with all the foods you’d give your left arm to eat. (At least in your mind).

This weekend was a true test of discipline and strength. And while I passed, it wasn’t pretty. My brother-in-law and nephews came down to visit us from Cheboygan to help put all of our new kitchen cabinets and appliances in. So, so thankful for all of their help – our kitchen is totally coming along. It’s not fully functional yet (had to prep at my brother and sister-in-law’s again last night), but it’s getting so much closer. You guys, we finally have a dishwasher and her name isn’t Amber! Here’s a quick sneak peak of the progress:


Our nephews are 10-year-old twins who are an absolute blast to be around. Jon and his brother Josh were in charge of setting up the kitchen, I was “in charge” of showing the boys around town and doing fun things all weekend! I definitely got the better end of the deal.

They arrived Friday night, so naturally we wanted to get some dinner first. We got a couple of Little Caesars Hot N’ Ready Pizzas and some Crazy Bread. Pizza is probably the best food invention on the planet. I’m ashamed to admit that I have a history of not being able to make it all the way home from Little Caesars without “taste-testing” at least one breadstick and piece of pizza in the car. Ridiculous. I know. So I was dying watching the boys inhale the cheesy, pepperoni amazingness.

But this was just the beginning of my demise.

>Movie theatre to see Zootopia.
(First time since I can remember that I didn’t get movie theatre popcorn.)

>Saturday morning donut run to Van’s Pastry Shop.
(How do you go to a donut shop and not get a donut? I can’t tell you, as I’ve very purposely blocked that experience from my mind for now.)

>Baby shower brunch complete with mimosas, quiche, cheesy potatoes, oven baked french toast and cupcakes from Cakabakery.
(Is your mouth watering yet?)

>Saturday dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse
(I victoriously survived with a plain sweet potato, meat and steamed broccoli…but I died a little inside when I couldn’t have any rolls)

>Westsider Cafe on Sunday morning.
(Scarfed down a veggie omelete, no cheese. )

It was hard for the boys, because they’d be like, “Aunt Amber, do you want one?,” or “How come you’re not having any?” And I’d have to explain that I wasn’t eating certain foods for a bit. So after the 4th or 5th time, those questions then became a proclamation each time food was brought up, “Well, Aunt Amber can’t have that right now.” True story boys, true story. I’m glad you understand my pain.

By the time Sunday night hit, I decided this thing was ridiculous. For real. Who cares if I had a little bit of this, or a little bit of that. I was 11 days in and I definitely was starting to feel better, but was it so much better that it was worth being so annoyed/fixated about what I could and couldn’t have to eat? What was I doing this for anyway?


While I was feeling bad for myself, I tried to look at some good Whole30 recipes on Pinterest. Instead, I ended up pinning desserts, such as these Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookies. I mean, how good do those things look?


Ehhh….yikes. #HardFail.

I needed to remind myself that this is important. For my health. For my psyche. I’m doing it so that I can make the connection between my ability to control what I eat and my ability to control how I feel. So that I can educate myself and prove that I have 100% discipline to finish something that I said I would do.

The conclusion to my week:
I thought more about it this morning and I decided I was being ridiculous. 30 days eating only whole foods should not be hard. It’s almost embarrassing that this Whole30 thing is a thing, isn’t it?  That food has that much of a hold on our minds and bodies that we need to have a committed movement to us NOT eating things? The irony is silly. While I sit here and dream and complain about all the foods I “can’t” have, people all over the world are wondering where they will get their next meal.

That’s a little dose of perspective/a wake up call for me. And probably one of the purposes of this exercise. Thanks Whole30, I needed that.

So, I’m done being a food complainer. We’ve been abundantly blessed, and the best thing we can do is to be good stewards of our health and of this life we’ve been given.

This week will be better, I know it!

Cheers to a new week, new perspective and no more fits about the amazingly delicious pizza I’m choosing not to eat right now.





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