An Ode to Crossfit (yes, for real)

(Because sometimes poems should be hilariously bad.)


For the longest time I tried to avoid it,
This “sport” I heard about that I refused to try.
People were always getting hurt or getting huge,
And I wasn’t trying to do that, not gonna lie.

Crossfit  wasn’t for me, that wasn’t my style.
I wasn’t “trying to be the best at exercising,”
Those people were in denial.

I laughed at all the Crossfit memes and joined in on the sarcastic fun,
Totally not realizing that someday I’d be the joke in that exact same pun.

The people who did crossfit only talked about crossfit…
And I’d think: “Guys, are you for real?”
“I’m just trying to go to the Y and think about my next meal.”

Until one day in Alabama I came across a gym
And thought to myself, why not? And walked in on a whim.

I dragged my husband there too, who loathed Crossfit even more than me,
but he was trying to get the gym’s advertising business and they told him they’d waive the starter fee. 🙂

So, we started with the four week beginner class and passed with flying colors,
And then got into the normal workouts and became sorer than a mother.

That was it, we were hooked, we couldn’t stop attending,
(We became those people)
We were there all the time, even though that wasn’t what we were intending.

We totally drank the KoolAid, Crossfit was the bee’s knees,
Even when Jon found out through nutrition class he couldn’t keep eating his heaps of cheese.

When we moved back to Michigan, we were crushed about leaving our tribe,
I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else, the feeling was hard to describe.

But I remembered my friend Brian who had been trying to get me to come to his gym for years,
Crossfit616, a place where amazing people worked super hard, but were always down for some beers.

Jon and I finally gave it a shot and to our surprise,
it was way tougher than our last gym, just ask our thighs.

But the best part so far has been the incredible folks,
they’re crazy fun, encouraging, and have really bad Welsh jokes.

We couldn’t have asked for a better community to come home to,
Hey Crossfit616 crew, we love you!

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Glass half full kinda gal. Lover of hugs and 'atta-girls.'

One thought on “An Ode to Crossfit (yes, for real)

  1. Well stated. So glad you joined us. Your incredible smile and support at the gym adds so much to a workout!! Thanks for brunch Sunday 🙂


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